Wicked Witch

I will do my best to keep this short, but if you have ever met me, or know anybody who knows me keeping things short is not really my thing. I am generally the talker of the group, but most of the time I am talking to myself since I am usually near the back of the pack.

Me and my kids

I am the “Mom” of the group, literally. My Son is “Slimms” and my Daughter is “Doc”, and I can not wait to begin this journey with them. I have slowly stepped into the outdoor world, and I really enjoy hiking. I will be faced with a few challenges along the way that will be unique to me. One of them being that I am twice the age of most of the group but I have never really let that stop me. My grandchildren keep me young and I never act my age anyway.

Two of the most impressive things I have done recently would be making it to the top of Wayna Picchu in Peru. And then making it to the bottom of the Grand Canyon to enjoy the spectacular Havasupai Falls. I have a feeling this will not come close to reaching the summit of Half Dome.

As for backpacking, I along with the rest of us have no idea what I am doing. The only thing I do know is no matter how heavy it is I will for sure be leaving with a bottle of wine in my pack. If you cant enjoy it then whats the point!


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