The Fall Gal

Reflections on a great climb.

I’m being forced to write about myself so I guess I will try this out.

Hi…my name is Mariah…I’ll call myself The Fall Gal for all intents and purposes regarding this blog. I am not a leader as Slimms is but I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a follower though either. I’m a nomad of sorts. A “fall”ower if you may be so inclined. Ha..see how I did that. I’m not here or there but I’m everywhere. I am an observer but get lost.

Did you think I was kidding, I hate bugs!

I have followed Slimms on many adventures since I met him about 5 years ago. I have done things I never thought I would do, which has made me open myself up to scary things. Those scary things are dirt and germs. Yes…I am a reformed germaphobe. I actually have a shirt my sister made for me that says “I FEAR GERMS”.

I do not fear the edge of a cliff though and that scares a few in the group just a wee bit. It’s kinda funny really…Slimms the adventurous man he is, freaks when I go to the edge. I say “don’t be silly”, he says “watch out for those freak microburst”…I say..”we ain’t in Kansas anymore”. Hiking in Kansas would probably be boring as it is pretty flat. Give me a mountain to climb up and a helicopter to come down and I’m all set.


Camping has always been something I’ve done since I was a little girl…at least I remember doing it. I think a lot of it was “RVing” though. Not so much a tent camper, although I have done it on many occasions. So..rereading that…hmmm…ok..lost train of thought. I love nature…minus the bugs and animals that could eat you. I love to hike and I’m fairly good at it until I get done and usually fall and hurt myself…hence the aka. I’m easy going on the trail and always ready to go, go, go. I don’t recommend following me though as I tend to take the path less traveled. Like I said, not a good leader or follower. I’m a trail blazer most of the time which is fine by me.

Let’s see…talking about yourself on a backpacking blog is hard because I have no experience or insightful words of wisdom. I could go all chat room and get into all the personal stuff about me but eh, why bore anyone to death. If you died, you couldn’t go out hiking and camping and backpacking. And that wouldn’t be much fun…unless they have those things in heaven or hell…depending on how good ya’ll have been!!!

Edge of Flat Iron

Ok..I’ve bored myself so I will end this for now…thanks for reading! Get out there and enjoy the scenery šŸ™‚


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