Hi everyone, I am the missing link in the 6pack. Since I am an eternal student, thus given the nickname Doc, I have been kinda busy finishing up my senior year of veterinary school and Colorado is a bit far away to join in on the weekend hike escapades. I do actually love to hike, however, and my time in Colorado has really made me appreciate being out in the beautiful outdoors! My dogs and I go hiking quite regularly, and when the weather is nice there is no where I would rather be than out on a trail with my crazy pitties running around.

Crosier Mountain Trail - Colorado
Lucy & Leo

As for my hiking experience, I am no expert but I have explored quite a bit around Colorado and while visiting Australia and Peru. My biggest hiking accomplishment was climbing Waynapicchu in Peru with my mom (AKA Wicked Witch of the West) and my favorite hike in Colorado is Crosier Mountain Trail because my monsters can come along and run around off leash.

Waynapicchu- Peru

I am probably the slacker of the group as far as training goes, but I do attend hot yoga regularly and am planning on doing a Colorado “14er” (14 thousand feet) before graduation! I am very excited to go on this adventure with this crazy group. Plus, if we run into any bears or other dangerous wildlife they will be happy to have a veterinarian along that will promptly drop everything and run screaming in the other direction :0) Since I love good food, good wine, good company, and the great outdoors I know I will have a blast! The only thing missing will be my two monsters… maybe next time guys!


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