Chick Norris

Warning: I stole half the first paragraph of this from my first post on the blog… so if you’ve already ready it… skip down! 😛

I’m Heather aka Oompa Loompa, Shorty, Midget, Little One, Teeny Bopper… basically anything you have ever heard a giant (like Andy) call a short person (like me)… I’m also known as Chick Norris, the side kick of Chuck Norris. And yes, I really am as bad ass as he is… almost.

I’ve only ever done one overnight… A short trip, about 4 miles in and 4 miles out. A great day hike if you are ever in the area (Peralta Trail in the Superstition Mountains, AZ)…. Even with one trip under my belt, I still have no idea what I’m doing. It’s all quite overwhelming in a way. But I figure the best way to “learn” is by trail and error so it’s time to wo-MAN up and get out there and do the thing I have have always dreamed of doing…

I guess you can say I am the camera man of the group… If I had it my way there would be about 12 GoPro’s on the trip and a Canon 5D with the sexiest lens you could ever imagine… unfortunately, I only own one GoPro and a Canon Rebel XS. 🙂 I just started figuring out how to work Premier Pro so that in the near future our blog can show some pretty awesome videos of what the 6PACK is up to and all of our shenanigans (I love that word).

Maverick wearing his pack!

I am a mother to a wonderful one and a half year old…. dog. He is always so full of energy and eager to hike up any mountain we encounter. I’m also a step mother to an amazing German Shepard, Nika… she is the smartest dog I have ever met, honestly.

I’m not the most experienced hiker in the world but I’m getting there… Thanks to Chuck Norris, I never have to worry about not having enough survival gear… the chances of me dying in the wilderness with him around are probably slimmer than a bug getting close enough to land on the sun without burning to a crisp. Without him, well…that may be a different story.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy our blog… enough about me, how are you doing this fine day?

A view from one of my favorite hikes in Southern California, Conejo Mountain


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