Meet The 6Pack

We are a little concerned that you are wanting to know more about us. Flattered a little, yes maybe, but what is it you want to know other than we like to hike….with packs….on our back? If you are a stalker then I would hit up the Wicked Witch, she likes stalkers…and shes single!

A good place to start would be one of our first posts introducing the group through the eyes of Fall Gal. Click here and prepare your self to be amazed!

If you like what you read there then you can check out each of our pages where we pretty much just brag about ourselves for a few minutes. If this has captivated you so much that you need even more information than I would say you better be buying us dinner…mmmmm.steak!

If dinner was good and you have some killer game we might even let you join us on a backpacking trip some day!


2 thoughts on “Meet The 6Pack

  1. Hey Slimms, thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I’ve been looking into making my own alcohol stove and your soda can one looks rad! Might have to attempt that myself. Also awesome photos of the mountains in Arizona, would love to make a trip out there to hike all that as well!

    • There are a lot of sites that show how to make the burners. One that I liked is I am not a huge fan of their layout, but the information is all there if you do enough clicking. Believe it or not I am pretty sure every picture on here so far was taken with an iPhone 4!

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