Backpack 6Pack Hits the Web


Welcome to our online backpacking journal.

Our goal here is to show you backpacking from the perspective of 6 different friends who decided to get into the hobby of backpacking together. We are all rookies to backpacking, but we each bring a little something different to the table in outdoor experience. If you have stumbled across this blog there is a good chance that you are a beginner backpacker yourself.

We found that there was endless amounts of information on the web for getting into backpacking, but many times the information is very scattered and often overwhelming to a point where you may feel there is no way you can take on such an intimidating task.

As a group we decided to really go big or go home. Or first “major” trip will be a 5 day trip to Yosemite Park in California. Because we have no actual experience with backpacking there has been an immense amount of research put into the planning of the trip (something we can cover another day). Posting everything from tips we have found along the way to full detailed trip reports this will hopefully become a valuable source for a group of friends somewhere around the world to decide the same thing we did and just go for it!

Join us on our Journey!


Who are “we”?

Interesting question you may be asking yourself…I highly doubt it but oh well. Anywho…

First lets start with the…I will call him The Creator. No..not God…though he thinks he is sometimes but that is another story all together. Moving on…Andy…that is his half birth name. He dreamed the idea…we are now going to be living it. Eccentric…obsessed…he spends hours upon days “living” this dream of his.

Next…Vicki…oh Vicki. The “oldest” of the group yet the youngest in spirit. High octane and never lets the never ending “hot” spells slow her down. She is working her “butt” off to prepare for this “dream” Andy has. Will she conquer…I do believe!

Jessica…the “missing” link. We have yet to really hike with her while training for the “dream”. She will all kick our butts though. She will be our resident “Dr” on the trip. She specializes in animals which may do us some good by the end of this trip as we may all become one!

Then comes Derek…what can I say about him. He is the “rapper” of the group. Always with a tune is his head and a mouth that won’t stop for much. He is prepared for Armageddon…if any aliens try to take over the world, he is prepared for battle and survival. Everything but a nuke and the kitchen sink…will have to check on that one actually…will be strapped to his back. The Chuck Norris of camping!!!

The baby…Heather…hmmm…Derek’s sidekick. Heather is to “Chuck Norris” as Robin is to Batman. She will be holding the rest of Derek’s stuff and leaving hers behind because there can’t possibly be enough room in her pack. She has been to our destination before but never like this…

Last there is me. The Fall Gal…Mariah. I fall..a lot. I think Half Dome may be my doom but if I survive, the “dream” will be mine for the taking. No toilet…who cares…I will have my GoGirl. Who needs amenities anyways. Those are for wimps and pansies…which I am, but no one needs to know that really…except for anyone who is reading this now. Yup.

What a cast of characters “we” are. Armed with all the gear we could ever need, a “dream” and zero experience…we will conquer Mother Nature.