Backpack 6Pack Hits Yosemite!

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It All Fits

We are ready to roll and some how we managed to get all that food in the bear can. When we bought it, we complained that it was big and bulky, now we are wishing it was slightly larger!20120530-180307.jpg


48 Hours to go!

Wow is about all I can say! The bags are packed and ready to go, all that is left now is to watch the clock slowly tick by.

We will be flying out to San Jose at O’Dark Thirty Thursday morning and will have most of the day to kill from there. We are staying at the “halfway” point to Yosemite in Merced and from what I can tell it is a pretty small town. We spent some time yesterday looking around for some things we could do during our travel day and I think we may have come up with a pretty good idea if everything goes smoothly.

First we will be stopping at the REI near the airport to pick up some of the things we cant bring on the plane (fuel, matches, etc.). From there we may stop at J. Lohr, a winery in San Jose that offers free tastings. After hitting the winery we will make the 2 hour trek to Merced. If we are still feeling adventurous and have some time to kill we may go check out the Hilmar Cheese factory, they offer free tours and tastings!

Yesterday we posted a video about what to pack for a 5 day trip, today there is a video attached that discusses what we decided to bring for food on our trip. The majority of the food was homemade and then dehydrated, on the trail you just add hot water and in a few minutes you have a delicious meal! The biggest challenges with food for a 5 day trip in Yosemite is the bear canister. It is not really practical to have 1 per person as they are heavy, bulky, and expensive. However it is not really practical to pack 5 days of food for 2 people in 1 either. We did manage to get it all in there, but we still have a couple things that will need to somehow smash their way in there once we get to CA.

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6 Days

The anticipation is building! The weather is looking like it will be prefect, all the necessary documents and permits have been printed. The packing check list has been looked over and checked twice.

Checked off one of the items of my list already. Our pup Melman is staying at “grandpas” house during the trip and he needs a way to get outside while my dad is at work. All the dog doors in the store for a dog his size are several hundred dollars and we only need it for 5 days. With $20 at Home Depot and a couple power tools out of my garage we now have a nice little door for him! It may not be the prettiest, or the most energy efficient but I think it will work just fine.



Gourmet Preperations


24 days and counting the chaos has begun! This weekend was filled with shopping, prepping, preparing, and packaging. We have decided to go with a “semi-gourmet” meal plan. Although I believe a true gourmet trip would require fresh food prepared while on the trail, this is a close second and offers great meals at less weight. Using a dehydrator all of our meals will only require hot water and about 15 minutes of resting time while on the trails.

We have split the group into teams based on who is sleeping in what tents. FallGal & Slimms, Chuck & Chick, and Wicked Witch & Doc. For breakfast and Lunch the 3 teams are on their own, but for dinners I have been designated as the group chef. We have used our last few months worth of training hikes and overnighters to test menu options and have settled on 3 main meals for the 4 nights:

Burrito – A flour tortillia, cheddar cheese, taco flavored ground beef, El Pato Spanish rice, and taco sauce.

Pasta With Meat Sauce – Homemade marinara, ground beef, macaroni noodles. This was the favorite of the group so we will be having this 2 nights.

ChiliMac – Homemade chili sauce with ground beef topped with cheddar cheese and a biscuit.

As you can see the meals are all based on hamburger. I’m sure this will get old, but it worked best in the dehydrator. When rehydrating its taste and texture returns to near perfect of fresh made.

Now it’s time to get the steaks marinating so I can make some jerky!

Half Dome Cables Permit!

The Backpacking Journal is extremely excited to announce that we have received a permit from the lottery system to climb the infamous cables at Half Dome during our upcoming trip to Yosemite!

A huge focus of this trip is Half Dome and we have been impatiently waiting for the last 44 days to see if we were going to make it to the summit or not. To increase the odds of success we each individually entered the lottery with an application requesting 6 permits and it paid off.

Last night Chuck Norris  received an email “Dear Customer, Congratulations! You were successful in securing a permit to hike to the summit of Half Dome from the Cables on Half Dome Lottery.” While the rest of us got “Dear Customer, We are sorry to inform you that you were not successful in securing a permit to hike to the summit of Half Dome from the Cables on Half Dome Lottery.”

7 Weeks to go!!!!!!!!