Waterfalls, Wildlife, & Burger King Bathrooms

The Backpack 6Pack left civilization 5 days ago and hit the Yosemite Backcountry. After fully immersing ourselves into the wilderness we quickly left the world behind. Surrounded by rushing waterfalls and larger than life granite walls, ones perspective of their place on this planet is brought to the forefront.

To wind down and near the end of our journey is a mixture of emotions. Accomplishment, happiness, and elation is slightly muddled with a sadness that it is over. We had experienced nature to the fullest and the abrupt change back to society is somewhat overwhelming. After only 5 days all of us find ourselves behaving like we are still in the backcountry.

As we navigate our way to the airport the car becomes a constant reminder that all 6 of us have not seen a bar of soap in 5 days! A small town outside of Yosemite, Mariposa, had a Burger King and we used that as a quick stop to give ourselves a sink bath and clean some of the “fresh air” off before getting on the plane.

There will be plenty of pictures and posts to come of our trip, but until then here is a quick thought from each member of the 6Pack

Chuck Norris – Sensory Overload & Unexpected. “I completely forgot about work.”

Chick Norris – “Overwhelming Beauty and peacefulness.”

The FallGal- “My personal Heaven.”

Wicked Witch – “Time stands still” Priceless!

Doc – “It took my breath away, literally and figuratively.”

Slimms – Absolutely Surreal “A perfect photo combined with a perfect story will never capture Yosemite’s magnificence.”


15 thoughts on “Waterfalls, Wildlife, & Burger King Bathrooms

  1. A great group photo! John Muir had it right, didn’t he? What wonderful tidings are derived from the mountains!!

  2. Congrats! thought of Muir’s quote as I read your reflections: “I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.”

    • Lol yes and no. The first two days were about 95-100 degrees in the sun, very hot! We kept the long sleeves on for sun protection as well as BUG PROTECTION, the mosquitos were fierce.

      The 4th night it dropped to about 35 degrees and rained for several hours, the following morning never got above 45.

      I was in shorts the first 2 days but my legs needed a break from the sun 🙂

      • Wow, that’s a dramatic temperature fluctuation. I’m glad you were prepared for it. Great planning there.
        I guess we beat the mosquito raid. We still had some snow on the ground in some parts. Probably helped.

    • It was a blast! So far all of our trips have been beautiful in their own way, but nothing like this. It really will be hard to find the words to describe it, but we will try.

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