It All Fits

We are ready to roll and some how we managed to get all that food in the bear can. When we bought it, we complained that it was big and bulky, now we are wishing it was slightly larger!20120530-180307.jpg


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About Slimms

I am a rookie to the world of backpacking. It is something I have dreamed of doing since I was a young kid. I have finally stopped saying some day and I am diving in head first! I can't wait to see what exciting things my new journeys will bring.

3 thoughts on “It All Fits

    • It came in at 12 pounds! The plus side is day 1 is a fairly simple day and then we have a base camp for a day. By the time we need to pack it out it should be about 6 pounds.

      We split it up to where I carry most of the gear and Fall Gal gets the food. That way her load gets lighter as the trip goes on.

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