3 Days and Packing!

I cant believe the time has come to pack! Time is getting so short before the trip it worked out for me to get my stuff packed this weekend. At this point I could leave today an be ready to roll, but I have to stick it out for a few more days.

When we first started thinking about actually doing this backpacking stuff (as opposed to just talking about it). We did what I would guess most curious future backpackers do….try to figure out how you can live out of a backpack for an extended period of time. What gear, how much gear, what size pack, etc.

There is a ton of information out there, but oddly it can be very tailored to specific “styles” of backpacking. Things like Ultralight, mountaineer expeditions, etc. Finding specific examples of just the “every day” type of backpacking is a little harder to come by. Thus, The Backpacking Journal was born. A place for beginners to find the information they really need to get them started.

Here is a video that goes over exactly what I will be packing for this 5 day trip. The details of the trip that should matter (to compare for future plans) are as follows:

Yosemite California
Average Elevation 4000-8000 feet
Approximate Mileage 40
June 1st-5th
6 total people broken into 3 two man teams

As for the gear, most of it is not “the best”, we chose gear on several different points. Primarily being the usefulness of the item, then cost and weight came into factor. Generally speaking the gear we purchased was in our opinion, the best bang for the buck.


There will be a video tomorrow with information about packing 5 days of of food for 2 people.


4 thoughts on “3 Days and Packing!

  1. I took all my hiking pictures with my I-phone then did very little editing on I-photo. LOVED IT!! battery life does run out if you are using the phone for too many apps that require location (had that happen on a longer hike) Have since modified by having one phone as the designated contact phone and one as the picture taking it’s okay if the battery dies phone/camera, GPS etc. Always have a phone with at least 20% life and minimal apps running 🙂 Happy trails!

    • Yeah, I have been using my iPhone as my only camera for several years now. In fact about 95% of the photos you see on our blog is all from an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 4S

      I generally turn everything off, but not into airplane mode. I do this to keep the GPS functioning. Although I generally don’t use it as a GPS I like that it GEO Tags my photos so I can check them out on a map (like google earth) later on.

      Between the 6 of us we have 6 iPhones 3 battery packs and 2 solar chargers, I have a feeling we will be more than juiced up!

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