Can’t concentrate

So I’m sitting at work right now completely unable to focus.. We are less then 10 days away from the Yosemite trip and I’m starting to get nervous. We have only done one overnight trip. The most miles we’ve done with packs on is 16 split between two days… Im not worried about not finishing but it’s still intimidating knowing we will be hiking 40 miles in 5 days.

Chuck and I bought new boots a couple weeks ago and I’m pretty impressed with mine so far. They are actually really comfortable and wearing them everywhere to try and break them in has made me realize I like them more then my tennis shoes! I got the Patagonia Gore-TEX Drifter AC low top boot. I have weird feet, wide with a high instep and medium arch. These work great. However, the Gore-TEX ones fit a bit tighter then the non waterproof ones… So if you do what I did and try the regular ones at a store and buy the waterproof ones online keep that in mind. Chuck got a pair or Merrill’s… Not sure which ones though.. But he seems to like them. And that’s coming from the guy who tried on 15 different boots once and didn’t even remotely like one of them.

I’ve used my gps watch only once. And it was just for a quick walk around the block. It seems pretty cool though. You hit the start button and it begins to record you time, distance, speed and trail and when you get to your turn around point there is an option for a go back button and the compass guides you the exact route you took back and it’s extremely accurate on the turns you’ve made. I will be hiking this weekend and will finally use it on trail.. Except we probably wont be on a trail, so it’s an even better test. I will see if the thing can get me home!

I’m debating bringing my SLR camera. It’s heavy though and that’s the only thing holding me back. Takes beautiful pictures though.. Much better then our phones or the Go Pro…. What are your thoughts?

Anyways…back to Yosemite..I’m starting to ramble. I’m nervous but excited. I love Yosemite, been there about 6 times. I’ve hiked the falls and half dome (not the cables). But last time I was there I was 16 so I’m excited to go back now with a different perspective.

I remember when I was younger we had a favorite part ( I can’t remember exactly where in Yosemite it is) but the waterfall was in the shape of a slide and went at about a 40 degree angle and the rock was smooth and at the end was a big pool of water. We used to use it like a water slide. For YEARS I was sooo afraid to ride it but I think I maned up at about 14 and oh my it was fun!!! If we see it on this trip that’s he first thing I’m doing!

Well… I should probably go back to work now..
Have a good day everyone!

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About Chick Norris

I've always dreamed of backpacking, spending days or weeks out in the middle of nowhere enjoying nature and all it has to offer. The thought of it was so overwhelming at first but now, after only one trip, I'm happy to say I am officially in love... All I want to do is backpack, its turn into an obsession.... I have a trip planned every other weekend, and if it weren't for life, I'd backpack the world.

4 thoughts on “Can’t concentrate

  1. Hope you have a great trip! I think I would have planned less mileage for the first BIG trip. It’s doable but Yosemite is just so beautiful that you’ll want to slow down to breath it all in.

  2. I’ve brought my SLR with me twice while backpacking. The first was on a two-day trip, and I had a really light pack weight on that trip so I figured adding the weight of the heavy SLR was no big deal. I was more concerned about how to carry the SLR, since keeping it inside the pack seemed really inconvenient. This is the solution I came up with last September: Since then I’ve improved on how I attach it to the hip belt (which I’m going to write about at some points), and I took it on a 2-night trip. Even though I had a heavier load, the weight of the camera hanging off my hip belt really didn’t bother me. I didn’t really notice it, I guess. I’m taking it again this weekend on a three-night trip. Moral of the story is that if you prefer to use your SLR, take it! Oh, I think y’all do ok with the mileage you have planned too 🙂

  3. I don’t think you’ll have any problem with the mileage and take the SLR camera. You want to be able to record this adventure for years to come. You never know what the future holds and not to have the best of pictures to remind you of it all would be a shame. I’ve regretted not having a camera with me on so many trips in the past with people that I seldom see anymore. You guys will do great. Once you hit the trail your anxieties will disappear as you take in all the great scenery.

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