Very nervous…

The countdown clock or ticker thingy on the front page of the blog says 23 days till Yosemite. With each counting day, the excitement builds, as well as my nervousness. I will admit it, even if nobody else will, that I am scared of not being able to make it the whole 5 days. All we have done so far are overnight trips. I will say that after the third trip I was less “beat up” than the two previous trips. Guess that is encouraging. I know a lot of preparation has been going on but to me, I am not nearly as ready as I feel I should be. My bad. Mentally I can push through it, but physically I am not quite sure. Mind doesn’t always win over matter.

I have a few last minute issues I need to address unfortunately. I wrote a review about some amazing boots I purchased and adore but have come to learn, through many miles, that they do not work the best for me. Not sure if it is par for the course, but they have torn up my feet. I’ve put about 50+ miles in them, so I’m fairly certain that I will need to find me some new footwear. I have been researching different options and will be getting me some new shoes shortly. I will be living in them until Yosemite just to break them in. Wish me luck and hopefully this will alleviate some of my nerves.

The next issue would be the sleeping pad conundrum. The rest of the group all broke down and purchased inflatables; I still have my Therma-rest. I have had no real issues as far as being more sore the next day and I do sleep quite well. My only concern is being able to not hurt as bad from sleeping on the ground by the 5th day. Haven’t had enough experience to justify the different purchase, but I might just kick myself in the end. I hope not…will be doing a lot more thinking about this.

Well…I think that about does it for my gear concerns. Everything else seems to be working quite nicely. Now…to physically psych myself up. I guess I could be blowing up how hard it might be in my mind, but I would rather error on the side of caution than be overly optimistic. One thing I can’t wait for is Half Dome!!! Bring on the edge 🙂


8 thoughts on “Very nervous…

  1. Probably the bane of all hikers is trying to find that shoe that is comfortable, sturdy and doesn’t leave your feet feeling like they’ve been through the wringer. I know I’ve gone through quite a few different brands and types over the last few years before finally finding one that works for me. I’m sure you’ll find yours as well but unfortunately it’s just a matter of trial and error. That error part will leave a blister. 😀

    • I’m hoping my new shoes work out for me…otherwise, I’m just gonna have to make due. I have toenail issues still (they are dead and not off yet), so anything has been uncomfortable to try on and didn’t feel “right”. I have new shoes coming today, so crossing fingers. 🙂

      • I’ve had them for 2 days and have been wearing the crap out of them and so far so good 🙂 Gonna take em out this weekend on a hike and go from there.

  2. Get your new boots and keep training. Camelback is close by, right? If your sleeping pad hasn’t given you a problem to this point, it ahould be fine. Remember your body mass is less than the other hikers, so it should work. I always take with me some Tylenol PM like pills, only it’s ibuprofen based. Helps with the soreness, aches and pains as well as acting as a sleep aid. I’m sure the guys have discussed a bailout plan, in the event something goes wrong. Bail back to the Yosemite Valley if need be. That’s a beautiful place to be anyway.

    • Thanks 🙂 I am finally getting my new “shoes” in today…cutting it close but I have had an issue finding anything I like that feels ok.

    • Thanks for reading 🙂 I am hoping for the same thing and will keep you posted 🙂 Got my new shoes in and so far so good 🙂 still crossing fingers…

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