Gourmet Preperations


24 days and counting the chaos has begun! This weekend was filled with shopping, prepping, preparing, and packaging. We have decided to go with a “semi-gourmet” meal plan. Although I believe a true gourmet trip would require fresh food prepared while on the trail, this is a close second and offers great meals at less weight. Using a dehydrator all of our meals will only require hot water and about 15 minutes of resting time while on the trails.

We have split the group into teams based on who is sleeping in what tents. FallGal & Slimms, Chuck & Chick, and Wicked Witch & Doc. For breakfast and Lunch the 3 teams are on their own, but for dinners I have been designated as the group chef. We have used our last few months worth of training hikes and overnighters to test menu options and have settled on 3 main meals for the 4 nights:

Burrito – A flour tortillia, cheddar cheese, taco flavored ground beef, El Pato Spanish rice, and taco sauce.

Pasta With Meat Sauce – Homemade marinara, ground beef, macaroni noodles. This was the favorite of the group so we will be having this 2 nights.

ChiliMac – Homemade chili sauce with ground beef topped with cheddar cheese and a biscuit.

As you can see the meals are all based on hamburger. I’m sure this will get old, but it worked best in the dehydrator. When rehydrating its taste and texture returns to near perfect of fresh made.

Now it’s time to get the steaks marinating so I can make some jerky!


8 thoughts on “Gourmet Preperations

  1. Your meals sound very yummy!! Have you read the books Backpack Gourmet or Lipsmackin’ Backpackin’ ? There are some great recipes in them!!

  2. I dehydrated some pineapples and they came out like pineapple flavored wood chips. 😀 I’ll keep experimenting. Looks like you’ve got some great things going. Love it.

    • LOL! Well it has taken me some time to figure out how each fruit, meat, noodles, etc take to dry out and get the texture I like. Stick with it, once you get it right pineapple is AMAZING!

      A few tips would be to cut them thicker than your gut tells you to, and when you think they need “1 more hour” they are probably already overdone. Once a fruit cools down it will be “dryer” causing it to harden.

      A great thing to try is bananas coated in honey and cinnamon sugar thin the honey with a little water….AMAZING!

      • I love the banana idea. I’ll give that a shot and I’ll try pineapple a few more times. I’m bound to get it right eventually. 😉

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