I “GoGirl”ed, and I liked it!

This post is going where only one post has gone before…Yes…the pee post! πŸ™‚

Again, I will start with a disclaimer to my post…if you are easily squeamish or offended, please stop reading right now. That being said…let’s press forward πŸ™‚

As I mentioned in a previous post about the GoGirl, I had yet to try it out on the trail. This first overnight was the perfect time to do such a thing. We were out away from anyone really, and essentially I had no choice but to “GoGirl” for it finally. I must say…initially…it was a bit awkward. I was scared I would make a mess of myself…then what would I do. Walk around silly for sure…which I did anyways the last day because I ripped the seat of my pants somehow but that’s a totally different embarrassment. πŸ™‚

First things first, I am thankful my pants had lots of pockets. πŸ™‚ The GoGirl comes in a cylindrical plastic tube with a cap. It also has a plastic storage bag with it. You need a place to put both of these items while you are using the GoGirl because you do need both of your hands. I guess I could have always put them on the ground, but that seemed gross to me…go figure. And I also recommend bringing your water bottle with to use a bit of water to rinse it out after. First time I used it, my Nalgene had drink mix in it, so upon suggestion from Slimms, I put some water from my pack in my mouth and held it there. I wanted to laugh at the whole experience before I even tried using it.

Ok…I take it out of the package and get all set up…I am laughing so hard inside and doing my best to keep from spitting my water everywhere. Just seemed so foreign to be standing while peeing next to a “tree”…it was more so a bush though. But it worked like it did at home…no messes except I think I splattered a bit on my boots. Gross I know…but I didn’t know what to expect or what I was doing for that matter. Once done, I used the water to rinse it out a bit…there really wasn’t much to rinse out. It stays fairly clean πŸ™‚ I shook it a little bit as well to get as much of the remaining moisture off it. I put it all back in it’s package, zipped up, and was done πŸ™‚ I walked back to the group, big smile on my face, and exclaimed “That was the greatest thing EVER” πŸ™‚ The act of peeing is now known as “GoGirling”.

The whole process of using it may seem a bit much compared to just dropping and squatting but as I said before, I have always had an issue with that and hate it more than anything. I used the GoGirl about 5 times during the trip and it got easier to manage with each use. Obviously, practice makes almost perfect.Β Once we got home I cleaned it with soap and water and let it air dry. I will be replacing the plastic bag that came with it and just use a regular ziploc. I will use a new bag after each trip. It still folds up easily into the original tube. There is a trick to folding it up though.

I believe I will continue to be the only girl in the group that will be using this contraption and that is fine by me. It made my trip just a little more convenient. There are other options out there but for now, I’m gonna stick with the GoGirl.


11 thoughts on “I “GoGirl”ed, and I liked it!

  1. Oh boy. When I subscribed to this blog, this was not what I was expecting. What can I say? Welcome to the club!

    Seriously though, my fellow backpacker iwill be joining the club this year as well. She just bought ne from MEC.

    I figure that Im going to pee squating this year! My only question is: how do I keep from peeing on my shoes?! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi there!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading. Sorry if it was a bit too much but this issue has plagued my outdoors experience for a long time. Thought it would be good to let other women know there are options…strange as they may be.

      As far as not peeing on your shoes…I would always find a “leaner” rock or tree stump to hold myself up against, squat as low as possible, and just go… preferably pick flat ground or ground that slopes away from your feet.Remember…it’s not gonna just say in one nice little spot. hahaha…this makes me laugh every time I talk about it. Good luck πŸ™‚

  2. Great to read about your Yosemite Trip!! Nice photos. Some 65 years ago I would back-pack for two weeks all through the Sierra every summer, @ occasional long weekends. Your analysis of what was necessary to take seemed quite reasonable. Back then you could drink the water out of the streams without worries about Giardia, etc.
    Also, no crazies on the trail.
    It helps when several are going and you split up the cooking gear, ground sheet (never took a tent!), first aid stuff. And you pack so that each day’s food is together so you don’t have to unpack everything each day

    But don’t camp under those pines with the big cones – a night breeze can make them killers!

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