I feel like I’m missing something….

There is always that fear of forgetting something when leaving for a trip… I must have gone through the contents of my pack 20 times in my head… deodorant? I don’t want to scare Chuck out of the tent at night…. Food? The steaks are in the freezer, can’t forget those in the morning….. I’ve checked that the water filter is in the left side pocket of my pack about 10 times….

Seriously, out in the middle of the desert mountains it’s not like there is a Walmart located conveniently at the corner of every trail… so if I forget something… I’m screwed!

Chuck and I are excited for this trip…. It will be our second overnight but this one will be longer of a hike then the last so were eager to realize our pack weights suck after about 10 miles! haha.

Chuck made a backpacking grill (pretty awesome) so expect a review and a how-to-make post in about a week. We are also going to try out our new Exped UL Synmat Sleeping Pads! Hopefully we will get a good nights rest this time (Thermarest Ridge Rest sucks!)…

Anywhooooo…. Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


-Chick Norris

“Ghosts sit around the Campfire and tell Chick Norris stories…”


7 thoughts on “I feel like I’m missing something….

    • And she forgot something! LMAO!

      She brought the GIANT, BULKY, HEAVY SLR Camera to take “epic pictures” (her words not mine), and left the battery pack for it on the charger at her house!

      She of course did not realize this until we were a few miles into the trail, so she had to carry it the rest of the trip like a lead weight hooked to her bag!

      We had a blast anyway, look for a full trip report coming soon!

  1. I usually have everything in my pack but my favorite place to forget something is on the roof of my Jeep. I did it again just yesterday.. left my GPS sitting on the rooftop while it was acquiring a signal. Thirty minutes down the trail I noticed it wasn’t on my backpack strap and had to go back. The whole way back I was wondering how I was going to tell my wife how I’d lost my new GPS I’d got a few months ago. Luckily it was there. Good luck guys and have fun.

  2. If I don’t make a list, I worry myself sick. When I’m ready to go on the next trip, I update the same list, adding and subtracting items until it meets the needs of the new trip. When I subtract, I just move the item to the bottom under the heading “Not this time”. So when I make a new list, I consult that section to see if anything needs moved back to the top.

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