Packing in 60 seconds

The Fall Gal and I are getting ready for our first overnight this Saturday. If you consider today as being over and the fact that we are heading out at O’Dark 30 on Saturday you could kinda say that it is only 2 days away! Can you tell we are maybe just a little excited?

I wanted to try out a new time lapse app that I got for the iPhone (iTimeLapse) and we thought what better way to pack a bag than Benny Hill style!

Now there is a slight disclaimer here…before any of you get all picky and laugh at some of the stuff we are packing. We are piecing together our gear as our budget permits and we have 2 months still until our Yosemite Trip. That being said, sometimes you just have to improvise!

Now kick your feet up and enjoy the show…but dot get to comfortable, I did say it was only 60 seconds!


9 thoughts on “Packing in 60 seconds

  1. Cool video and app. That Benny Hill music brings back some memories. You’ll have to let us know what your packs finally weigh when you are all packed. Good luck on your overnighter.

    • With what we have right now mine comes in at 28.9 lbs base weight and after I toss my water in there it finishes out at 36 lbs. Stupid heavy water!

      Fall Gal has almost the same weight. She is carrying food and I am carrying almost all of the gear. The thought there for us was that over the 5 days in Yosemite her pack would get lighter day by day where mine will remain consistent.

  2. Wow…I enjoyed the video…very cool. Thanks for sharing that!

    Your pack weights don’t sound too bad for a first trip out…on me and my wife’s first trip my pack was 56+ and hers was 31! Let me just say that they were heavy, but hey we still loved every bit of it and couldn’t wait to get back out there! The cool thing is I went and did the same hike back in January when it was much colder, but my pack weight was 17 lbs total! I can only say I was much more comfy especially on the trail, but surprisingly enough, even so in camp!

    Anyway, have a great time on your trip!


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