Hail Storm Hiking!

Today was amazing! The plan was to take the kids up a pretty easy trail, giving the 6Pack a chance to hike with full packs and start breaking them in. The weather was not cooperative at all for the kids, and 2 of the members were not feeling well so the hike was pretty much canceled. The clouds hovering over the Superstitions were taunting me all morning, I could not resist…I had everything packed and ready to go anyway. I got Fall Gal to watch the kids, took the dog, and off we went. Getting closer to the mountains you could occasionally catch a glimpse of the snow covered 4 Peaks in between the heavy cloud cover. As I pulled into the almost empty trail head parking lot a light drizzle started, but quickly ended. I hoisted the pack to my shoulders, buckled in, and Melman took the lead. The ground was slick and muddy from the morning rain, but the sun was shining and some of the desert beauty was in full bloom. I took my time wandering up the trail taking pictures with my trusty iPhone, the weather had scared off most everyone so it was very peaceful. The weather was still holding back as I made it to the hieroglyphs. I was able to walk around and take a few pictures of the artwork and the trickling water finding its way down the creek. Shortly after the thunder started rolling in and more rain began to fall. I decided this was the perfect time to try out my new rain suit I got a few weeks ago. As I zipped up the jacket the rain turned to hail and I somewhat quickly headed my way into a small cave for shelter. If you are going to watch a desert storm, I can’t think of a better place to sit. All I can say is perfect timing. It just unloaded and kept going for a pretty good period of time. Hail, rain, wind, lightning, and thunder this was turning out to be a storm of the year. My phone had service and I have to admit I contemplated sending my boss an email saying I was taking Monday off. I had everything I needed in my pack to just sit there all night, but as the first wave broke I decided I might as well start heading down. The trail down was no longer a trail, it was a quickly flowing stream of water and hail. Like a child I had fun splashing around in the puddles and making little dams out of the hail, then wait for the water to flush them away! Good thing for me my old pair of Gortex boots held up over the years and they kept my feet dry. Not 5 minutes into the hike down and the storm picked up right where it left off, but I could not have been more happy. Melman and I spent the last mile or so walking in a down pour of rain and hail, and loved every second of it. Sometimes a day of “bad weather” can make the very best adventures

You can see a 360 degree view of the destination just before the storm here

You can see a 180 degree view of the hail covered mountains here

Here are some clips of the storm, and a few more pictures!


21 thoughts on “Hail Storm Hiking!

  1. Looks awesome! I’m sad the death cold (that’s what I’m calling it) held Chuck and I at home. But this weekends storm should have the springs filling up for our overnight! Woohoo!

  2. Great pictures and I love the 360 degree view. You’ll have to explain how that is accomplished because it’s the first time I’ve seen it. Of course I’m just an owner of a “dumb” phone so it may be technology that is common knowledge and just hasn’t filtered down to the backwoods of the Ouachita Mountains. The hike looked like a lot of fun.

    • Ah yes, the dumb phones…so much for making higher education a priority! There is an app for dem der smart phones (I have an iPhone) called 360 Panorama. It is very easy to use, pretty much hit a button to start the camera and then look like a fool spinning around in circles point up and down as you make yourself dizzy!

      From there you can upload it to the site right within the app!

      • Thanks for the info. Should have realized it was something as simple as having a nicer phone. It does make for an interesting photo and someday I’ll have to reeducate my phone. It wouldn’t hurt me to time travel into the 21st century. Keep up the good work.

  3. I am sad and green that I missed this today…green was yesterdays color. Amazing pics…can’t wait to do this one another time 🙂

  4. Great post. Sweet hike. I was out yesterday in my neck of the woods doing some hiking in the intermittent hail and rain. I love getting out in the wetness. The water and weather really gives the land a dynamic feel that is so totally different than during dry and warm weather!

  5. The excitement is palpable with your group. I believe that hiking which I started doing seriously as a teen has shaped my life for the better. Congratulations to you all for deciding to ‘just go for it’. Lots of folks get over their head in the wilderness but sounds like you all are making good preparation with gear, study and practice. Being out in the rain and hail is certainly good practice. Happy Trails, Dohn

  6. This post really puts me right there…We have had some stormy, mountain hikes and they really enhanced the memories….By the way, theres an app for your phone you may like. It’s called endomondo and it is really great to have along on any hike….Loved this post and I’ll be following

    • Thanks for checking it out! I downloaded the app and will give it a try. I usually use one called Allsport GPS and just recently started using AllTrails. Give them a try!

  7. Fantastic post. I don’t know if I could have resisted calling in to take off Monday. It looks like you were in the perfect spot for a good, long stretch of storm watching and listening. I would’ve been very tempted to just settle in for the long haul, as well.

  8. Nice post- thank you for sharing it with me! It looks like you had an amazing Sunday! I love the photos and videos you include as well- they’re gorgeous! The landscape sure is different from my Vermont, but is equally as beautiful!

    • Very different, and I agree, also beautiful. I think there is a general misunderstanding of how much beauty really is in the desert.

      Thanks for stopping by, we are new, but trying to add new content every day!

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