Preparing For Our First Overnight

The time has come…7 days and counting!

The excitement, the curiosity, and the internal check list has taken over my brain. We will be heading out first thing next Saturday morning. I cant stop going over everything in my head, and this is only for one night…I cant even imagine how insane it will be when we are leaving to Yosemite for 5 days. I mean really, how many times can you check your bag to make sure that you have your headlamp!

Chick & Chuck (lol that’s funny) have a leg up on us as they have already been out for their first night a few weeks ago, but they will be joining The Fall Gal and myself for the trip. Unfortunately the Wicked Witch will be working and Doc is still stuck at school in Colorado so they will not be joining us.

Our goal is to complete a 16.4 mile loop in the Superstition Mountains. It will take us to Charlebois Spring, around Bluff Spring Mountain, and through Terrapin Pass. Unfortunately we have a time constraint to this trip as the nagging responsibilities of real life are just a short 45 minute drive away. Because of this we have decided to make Charlebois Spring our “Go, No Go” point. If we have enough wind in our sails we will press on here and camp somewhere between White Rock Springs and Terrapin Pass. This will allow us to have a nice easy hike in the next morning so we can cry our way back to city life. If we are feeling the weight of our packs getting to us early on we will stop and Camp at Charlebois Spring and make it an out and back trip instead of a loop.

Our planned route

I have some flank steak marinating in the fridge right now so we can have some fresh jerky on the trip! For lunch on the trail we are going to have peanut butter and tortillas with some other snacks so nothing special there. But for dinner, I believe we are going to try out Sausage with mashed potatoes & gravy. I might try and put something special together for dessert to celebrate our first trip, but I have not figured that out yet. I do have my new Nalgene flask filled with some Fourty Creek Whisky, so dessert or no dessert I think we will do just fine.

Fall Gal and I do not have 100% of our gear yet, but we have enough of the essentials to head out and give it a whirl. We will be packing a little light, so it should give us a good chance to break in the new gear!

Stay tuned for a trip report next Sunday after we return!

Have you hit this area? Any advise or must see info?


12 thoughts on “Preparing For Our First Overnight

    • Glad you enjoy it! We are trying to add new content every day to build it up since we are new. I have to admit I am somewhat obsessed with backpacking and this at least gives me a place to focus some of the extra brain waves!

    • Epic Photos will not be a problem. I’m bringing the GoPro and my SLR and have over 64 GB of storage space… so video, timelapse …. you name it. 🙂 This whole trip will be remembered!

  1. Sounds like a nice trip, but I’ll offer a little modification for you to consider. Rather then go directly out on Bluff Spring Trail from Peralta trailhead, my suggestion would be to go east on Lost Dutchman (104) around Miners Needle.

    The reason for the suggestion is that Bluff Spring trail leaving Peralta is a killer of a climb, especially in the warm weather of spring (we’ve nicknamed it “Cardiac Hill”). The loop I suggest might add a mile or so to your route, but you’ll get some time to acclimate your legs before climbing up past Miners Needle, and a more civilized grade there compare to Bluff Springs. Plus a look at some different country, since you’ll see Bluff Springs trail coming back out anyhow.

    • As we get a little closer to our trip…less than 5 days now! I started looking at the 104 option and I think it is a great suggestion. I especially like the idea of not doubling back on Bluff Spring and making it a “real loop”

      I will be letting the rest of the pack know today and put it up for a vote!

      Good Lookin Out!

      • The vote has passed! Thank you again for the suggestion, cant wait to hit the trail! We will now be heading around Miners Needle on the Dutchman Trail up to Charlebois Spring and then around to Terrapin Trail to finish up on Bluff Springs.

      • Whiskey? You guys got whiskey? I’ll meed you at the bottom of the hill!

        You guys are going to have a great time. Wish I were younger!


      • I was told it was a pretty steep incline. I would love to do it without a pack some day. I love to climb up things…

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