Backpack 6Pack Hits the Web

Welcome to our online backpacking journal.

Our goal here is to show you backpacking from the perspective of 6 different friends who decided to get into the hobby of backpacking together. We are all rookies to backpacking, but we each bring a little something different to the table in outdoor experience. If you have stumbled across this blog there is a good chance that you are a beginner backpacker yourself.

We found that there was endless amounts of information on the web for getting into backpacking, but many times the information is very scattered and often overwhelming to a point where you may feel there is no way you can take on such an intimidating task.

As a group we decided to really go big or go home. Or first “major” trip will be a 5 day trip to Yosemite Park in California. Because we have no actual experience with backpacking there has been an immense amount of research put into the planning of the trip (something we can cover another day). Posting everything from tips we have found along the way to full detailed trip reports this will hopefully become a valuable source for a group of friends somewhere around the world to decide the same thing we did and just go for it!

Join us on our Journey!


24 thoughts on “Backpack 6Pack Hits the Web

  1. This will be a true test of endurance and will power. Mind over body. Will we turn into the Donner Family…only time will tell.

  2. I enjoyed reading you guys posts about your backpacking adventures and tips. I share your passion in the outdoors and for hiking. I look forward to hearing more on how your trips go. If you get the chance check out my story on my project of trying to bring an old trail back to life. Good luck guys and keep on hiking.

      • It’s a favorite photo spot called Hawksbill Crag (also known as Whitaker Point) in Arkansas. I was a bit nervous getting that close to the edge because the wind was really blowing that day.

  3. You guys picked a helluva good spot to start your backpacking adventures. What part of Yosemite are you headed to? JMT, by chance? Have fun with the bears!

    • The JMT is on my list for sure! I am hopefully going to work on the project over the next couple years and make it happen. Until then, we are hitting more of the “touristy” spots for our first trip (only one of us in the group has ever been there, and she was younger), Half Dome is on the list!

  4. This would be very helpful specially to those just starting to love the outdoors and like us her in the tropics who have no idea how backpacking in the Amesica’s is all about


    • Thanks for checking us out, we have a bunch of trips scheduled for the next few months so stop back and see more of the beauty that the US has to offer!

  5. Half-dome is amazing. I loved it 16 years ago. We might go next year when our youngest will be 6 years. Think she can get up the cables then? In the meantime….Canyonlands this summer!!! Yeah! Have fun on your adventure. I’m looking forward to reading more.

    • Thanks for checking out our site! I am not sure about a 6 year old and the cables, it would of course depend on her personal abilities. Follow along and we will have some updates once we make it to the cables!

  6. Great blog! I am currently trying to start an Arizona adventure magazine – a web-based publication that will feature all the different adventure sports people pursue in AZ. From climbing to backpacking, mountain biking and whitewater, we will have articles, photos and videos to share our passion for outdoor adventure. If any of your bloggers would be interested in contributing, drop me an email. Thanks!


    • Hey there Joe,

      Thanks for the reply. I have sent you an email from my personal account. I would love to hear some details about your magazine and how The Backpacking Journal can help, sounds like a great idea!

  7. i already bookmarked your website in my list.thanks for sharing so much information about various destination and tips. i have read your articles in this help me a lot!

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